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Parent Forum 27th May 2022 Adelaide

Parents and carers of  students with disability were invited to attend the Inclusive Teaching and Learning, SERU Parent Forum on Friday 27th May 2022

Parents and carers of students with disability were invited to attend the first Parent Forum for 2022.  Hosted by the Department for Education, the Parent Forums are held to inform and engage with parents or carers around the services and supports available for children and young people with disability.

The forum commenced with a Keynote, titled ‘Self-care is not selfish’ by Angela Falkenberg, President SA Primary Principals Association.  Angela’s presentation was focussed on self-care, self-preservation, and self-regard and offered a range of strategies that participants can use to support their physical, mental and spiritual self. The presentation was both humorous and engaging. Angela gave relatable examples of ways develop perspective, build on relationships and how to quiet the mind.

Cathy Clark, Acting Director, Inclusive Teaching and Learning, provided an update about staff and directorate changes and key Department projects.

Penny Buddle, Manager Disability Policy & Legislation, followed with an update of the Children and Students with Disability Policy. Talking through key points and the review process.  Participants were given the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback.

Darren Humphrys, Director Support & Inclusion Reform, introduced the One in Four reforms; he covered, what it means, objectives of the reform and key projects supporting the outcomes.

After lunch, Roley Stuart, Manager Inclusive Resourcing & Accountability, provided an insight into the Funding reform, introducing the Inclusive Education Support Program.  Roley’s presentation discussed the features, benefits, improvements and processes of the program

The final presentation, by Hermione Farmer, Senior Advisor Inclusive Practice, shared an update of the One Plan, highlighting the four elements of the process; know, design, engage and review. This session discussed the importance of the team around the child and provided participants the opportunity to share their ideas and reflections of each element.

Staff were available throughout the day to individual discussion and although it was a full program, there was a lot of lively table talk and questions, all of which will inform future planning.  Overall feedback indicates that is was yet another successful forum.

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