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News Talk for Teachers




News Talk for Teachers presents great ideas in a simple, easy to use and exciting format to reenergize news telling routines or plan an enviable news programme for the first time. Learn how a developmental perspective of news telling can build upon a child’s oral language skills so that they become competent in understanding and using the language of school. This builds a solid foundation for a child’s success right across the curriculum.


This CD provides creative and practical information for use by preschool and junior primary teachers about:

  • A developmental perspective on news telling and links to the curriculum
  • Examples and ideas for implementing successful news telling activities
  • A range of teacher strategies
  • How to be inclusive of children with communication difficulties

And includes:

  • Many video clips of children and teachers demonstrating news
  • Video clips demonstrating key teaching strategies and ideas on how to set up news
  • Comments from teachers in the field
  • Short interactive quizzes where teachers can test their understanding of the key concepts
  • Voiceovers explaining key concepts
  • Ready to use colourful visual strategies
  • A package of useful handouts, including checklists for tracking progress

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