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Oral Narrative Assessment Package




The Oral Narrative Assessment Package provides wordless picture book and single picture stimuli to gather narrative samples from preschool and school aged children.  Story samples can be gathered spontaneously or as retell tasks which are part of the kit. Story comprehension questions are also included for each of the wordless picture books. Guidelines for analysis encompass both macrostructure and microstructure elements in an easy to record format, which supports the speech pathologist to consider the important components of successful oral narrative construction. Pictures are engaging and interesting to children of a range of ages. Normative data is not included however analysis is guided by the work of Carol Westby and Natalie Hedburg* .


The package includes:

  • Wordless picture books
    • William’s Baby Brother for preschool and junior primary aged children
    • Sam’s Skateboard for middle and upper primary students
  • Two A4 colour single picture stimuli (middle and upper primary students)
  • Story model samples for each stimulus
  • Reproducible record forms, including macro and microstructure analysis and comprehension questions on USB and CD
  • Assessment guidelines

*Hedberg, N.L. and Westby, C.E. (1993) Analyzing Storytelling Skills: Theory to Practice.

This package was developed by the South Australian Department for Education Speech Pathology Narrative Working Group  (2007)