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72a Marlborough Street

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Inclusive Education Expo

Statewide Inclusive Education Services provides a combination of services to educators, parents and carers of children with disability. As part of our service, the Inclusive Education Expo is held on an annual basis to showcase high-quality practice in inclusive education.

The overarching theme is Inclusive Practice and aims to build and enhance the capability of educators. The keynotes and presentations during the event focus on evidence-based strategies, programs and interventions to cater for students’ diverse learning preferences. The expo also provides an ideal opportunity for educators to learn and share with their peers.

Held each year in the July school holidays, the expo is for teachers, support services staff, school services officers and early childhood workers, working with a child or student with disability.

Click here to view previous presentations.

The 2023 Inclusive Education Expo

This year’s expo showcased high-quality practices in inclusive education with the theme ‘possibilities’ woven through each keynote. Presentations covered neurodiversity, neuro-affirming support, inclusive arts program and more.

For those who couldn’t join the event in person or would like to revisit the presentations, 2 live event recordings and 7 recorded presentations are now available.

The 2 live event recorders are from Greg O’Connor on ‘Empowering personalised learning in diverse classrooms’, and Kelly Vincent on ‘Teaching drama to people with disabilities and what that has taught me’.

The 7 recorded presentations cover topics including:

  • coregulation in the classroom
  • language deprivation
  • ADHD
  • meaningful post school pathways
  • entrepreneurship learning programs
  • belonging
  • creating safe space.

Department staff can access the recordings through the Inclusive Education Expo page on Plink until 31 December 2023.

Enquiries: SIES 8235 2871